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With the proper recovery using the supplements in this category, Scott Magers enabled an extreme athlete, Tom Jones, to run across the USA, coast to coast, in 120 days -- 120 marathons in 120 days! He not only ran that distance in that short of a time, three days after reaching New York, he ran the New York marathon in under 3 hours.

"It's like his body wasn't tired at all; he simply kept on getting stronger and stronger as he ran across the USA. To think that when he came me, he had just tried running across California, from the Oregon boarder to the Mexican boarder, and had SO much pain, that he had to tape his leg in order to finish that run. It is truly incredible that only six months later, with the assistance of proper recovery provided by the supplements in this category, he was able to run across the entire USA, Huntington Beach, CA to New York, NY and he still felt incredible" Exclaims Scott Magers.

For an Athlete to perform at his/her best, that athlete has to BE READY for the challenge. Emotionally and physically -- simply READY!

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