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You Need 10 Servings of Vegetables to Equal Just One Serving from 50 Years Ago! Just One of the Vital Minerals Lost was Regulating More than 300 Critical Body Functions.

The Same Thing Is Happening to Your Fruit.

And, It's Getting Worse!

These days, the produce you buy at your local grocery store just doesn't have the nutritional power that fruits and vegetables had just a few decades ago. Over farming, soil depletion, commercial fertilizer, hybrid crops and genetic modifications are slashing the nutrients found in your fruits and vegetables.

You'd have to eat 10 servings of spinach to get the same level of minerals from just one serving about 50 years ago.

Producers create hybrid forms of your fruits and vegetables not for their ability to store nutrients but for their color, weight and shelf life. Why? So they'll look nice and pretty when they sit under the fluorescent lights of your supermarket. You may think they look nutritious, but under the hood, they contain little more than indigestible cellulose, sugar and water.

What can you do?

Certain things, we believe, are great taken on regular basis! Why? Because the body uses them up and would LOVE their replenishment... on regular basis, and, as you just read above, the body would be hard pressed to get it from fruits and vegetables alone in nowadays!

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